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Best Project Management Software

From idea to execution, manage projects seamlessly with Collabey.com

Manage projects via boards:

Create Project Boards to get you a bird eye glimpse of the running tasks. These boards help to organize tasks, assign work, add or remove members, update information and more. It powers your projects with flexibility and customization as per your business needs. It is one of the best project management software designed to bring together teams, tasks and workflows in a single frame.

Real-time updates:

With real-time alert notifications, announce company updates and information instantly to focus attention on important news. The automated project management software enables smooth communication, prioritizes tasks, declutters space and ensures stability. Overcome geographical barriers, different time zones and workstations to ensure effective communication.

Manage and assign tasks:

Track project tasks from the beginning till the end by managing, ordering, prioritizing and assigning tasks to the right people. Our platform is curated to simplify workplace tasks. The dashboard feature enlightens team members with clear requirements for different projects. Create a powerful synchronization in the project life-cycle.

Setting milestones:

Create achievable and measurable milestones for different projects to keep your team competitive. Our project management software lets managers set milestones on the inbuilt calendar by marking important dates and events. Break large projects into attainable tasks and allow managers autonomy to plan, execute and report projects.

File attachments

Attach files, documents, photos and videos from your device or cloud either by selecting the file or by the pick and drop function. Upload, share and organize files in an orderly manner to emit chaos. The advanced search option lets you find files easily using relevant keywords without searching back and forth.

Instant conversations:

Connect instantly with teammates via the chat box or high-definition video calls. Keep the momentum going by discussing a project’s progress in group conversations. This project management software bridges the geographical gap between teammates and enables smooth conversations. It ensures safety and security by end-to-end encryption of chats and video calls.

Project report:

Get a clear view of project status or dependency with just one click. Track and visualize a project’s overall progress in one place. Plan corrective courses of action with a bird's eye view of the entire project. Download and save important project reports to develop plans and strategies for future task roles.


Get a clear view of tasks in one place. Design your business goals in advance by adding tasks, projects and milestones on your calendar to always stay ahead of your time. Never miss an important meeting or discussion. Stay up-to-date with Collabey’s calendar.

Our project management software ensures highly productive and seamless workspaces. Choose a smart tool towards modern businesses with Collabey.