Employee Management Software for Small Business

Collabey.com brings together all that your organization needs to manage your employees with ease.

All power-packed features are tailored to your needs. Here’s all that Collabey can help you with managing employees and more.

Company Information:

With one click you can access employee databases, push notifications and calendars to ensure the optimization of the global workspaces. Our online employee management software customises necessary information for company officials to achieve organizational goals. Our tool helps to improve the transparency and communication of remote teams by tracking employee performance.

People Management:

The automated HR management tool with increased access to perform and scale major HR operations. Manage remote teams with ease. Our platform connects and syncs the information of different employees across multiple teams and branches. This also proves useful for employees to access and brainstorm ideas on a common platform with teams globally.

Employee Access:

The all in one tool for employee management allows the employees to track their growth and request or submit claims in one place. This feature provides an efficient space for the employees to have access to their records, payslips, allowances, bonuses and work targets. Direct employee access radically improves the transparency and communication barrier between the employer and the individual team members.

Roles Management:

Create smart roles and administration to divide the work into different teams or individual team members effectively. Design a customized productive environment for your team with a sense of unity and togetherness. Allow role-based permissions to track engaged people with specific projects to accomplish organizational goals.

Employee Self-Service:

Our online HR tool provides an exclusive portal to access and edit relevant details like work and leave schedules, time-stamp, benefits information and bonuses. Employee management software for small businesses tracks employee lifecycle which empowers employee trust within the organization. Efficient use of employee time with trouble-free channels of communication and verification.

Employee Profile and Directory:

Keep an updated employee directory to fit your business needs. Organize profile details to collate similar information under corresponding titles. It records interests, bio, birthday and other related information for organised structure. This feature on our employee management software proves useful to build fruitful relationships with your team.

Company Hierarchy:

Boost teamwork and shared responsibility with specific projects as per Company Hierarchy. The employee management software for small businesses creates clear tasks and instructions for teams. By providing only relevant information to corresponding users for specific projects, the platform preserves the privacy of the clients and divides the work accordingly.

Company Calendar:

Manage all your work schedules with our advanced company calendar. Make scheduling easy for your business goals. Keep track of Marketing plans, Business expansion and progress updates. Our online project management tool helps to create customized real-time alerts for upcoming events/projects. Check the availability of your team with our automatic scheduling feature.

Company Announcements:

Keep your team up to date with the latest company affairs for engagement & efficient time management. Broadcast business updates or announcements with advance scheduling feature on the platform’s dashboard. The all in one tool for employee management reduces the clutter by organizing the news and important reminders.

Comment and Like Announcements:

Dashboard alerts with the option of real-time targeted updates with likes and comments feature to understand your team behaviour. This feature ensures two-way communication by providing a space for putting up queries and doubt clearance. By providing an instant channel for complex communication and doubt elimination, our employee management software serves as an integral addition to workspaces.