About us

Our founders developed an online platform to thrive all the world’s teams and projects together to empower SMEs and Startups all around the world. When operations scaled while working on their dream project, it was difficult to coordinate and collaborate on a single platform which gave birth to “ Collabey ” to collaborate all teams helping them to achieve bird view for all projects and confidence to achieve dream goals.

Created in 2020, with an idea to sync all projects and connect employees digitally from around the globe on a single platform. We simplify your efforts through automation, which helps you track the work done with increased flow and clarity on the next task with amazing visual data and dashboard features.

Mission and vision

Our Mission is to instil confidence in entrepreneurs, teams, and small businesses to align intuitively with their desired goals.

To ensure flexibility in operational planning to achieve strategic goals and work smarter with the right workforce, right schedule, right pace for your business at your doorstep



We want to bring a sense of flow in teams and projects to meet deadlines.


We want to work on our mission by continuously upgrading our tool to serve excellence in your business.


We welcome out of the box ideas to elevate this tool with cooperation. We jointly can create great things.


We commit and take ownership of a flawless experience to empower our client to achieve theirs.

Community Environment

We promise to create a thrilling and dynamic environment to do the best work with authenticity.


We appreciate the power of completed tasks on your to-do list. Customer satisfaction is our hymn.